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Dear Courageous Ones,

 You’re ready I'm so glad you're here!


Because you're reading this, I'm guessing you've noticed that inner calling or longing within. The longing to be more of who you really are, or would be, if you felt supported, more SAFE to be you. Exciting? Scary? Both?

I understand.

IT called me, too.

Whether it's new or you've felt this for years. 
Whether it whispers or screams,
one thing is obvious...

Whatever it is, you can't ignore it anymore.

I know what it feels like to be at the edge between I’m so ready, and I’m not quiet sure — wondering, is it even worth it? What if “it” doesn’t work? Well IT is YOU! And you got this!



  • YOU long TO RISE UP & contribute to THIS WORLD

  • YOU KNOW IT STARTS WITH YOU and you’re not alone- we need one other

  • ANd WE ALL NEED a safe space we can BE Ourselves and be free to learn and grow

After working with over 2000 people in the Personal Development and Transformational Arts, logging in ten thousand hours plus —

I have learn that what

Society says “it’s complicated”

Some traditions preach it is only for the "spiritual elite." 

Is open to ALL


an expansion of pure or unconditioned perception allowing us to choose lovingly and wisely


Amara's Journey
to greater awakening.

When I had nowhere else to run, standing on the mountain top... behind me only illusion, in front of me an abyss... the Great Unknown...

I froze…

"If I go back to the old way, my life will be a lie. If I jump into the Unknown, I die."

For what seemed like an eternity, I stood trembling at the precipice of Awakening. The ground of known existence crumbling under foot. 

Then a Great Voice within said:

"Jumping, not jumping, same thing. There is no mountain."

In that moment perception shifted. The middle way opened and the mind of inner conflict Stopped. a unified view was revealed.



Private Sessions & Group Immersions

invitations to transform, awaken and master your life


Private sessions & mentorship

What happens when we are guided through inquiry and allowed to experience ourselves connecting honestly to our physical, emotional, mental and energetic intelligence? TRANSFORMATION.

We hear it all the time, “IT CHANGED MY LIFE!” They are referring to a shift in understanding (called realization) that brings about new action and motivation.

When your perception shifts, your life changes. I have worked with thousands of people and have seen the patterns that both block and unlock the way to greater freedom. I know the traps and the opportunities. I will guide each person according to their particular situation and unique genius! Student sessions and integration coaching available. Write to us.


The Guidance within series

Our Signature programs offer accelerated personal growth, designed to breakthrough current standing limitations allowing you to open to your greater potential.

  • We offer weekend programs for healing, exploration and activating your inner guidance system

  • 6 day programs highlighting boundaries and breakthroughs that cultivate your path to an authentic life

  • 12 day programs for those who wish to explore The Samata System in a more learning-style environment for professional application

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Join our Coaches & Facilitators experiential learning program



IGI offers hands-on trainings on how to effectively and responsibly guide & facilitate personal & cultural development, healing and awakening.


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"The gift & mastery Amara has is so very rare and precious. The ability to deeply hold those in InnerGuidance work, guiding them into clarity, with no agenda, no fear, nothing at all, only allowing what-is to simply BE in its full brilliance. After my session there were simply no words left. My deepest respect."

Sarah, U.S.A.




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