I took the sacred Bodhisattva vow to serve

Because I was trained to not flinch

my breakdown became a breakthRough

Because I am committed to Truth & Love

Devoted to a life of growth and service

ThAt breakthrough became the extraordinary life i live todaY

What do I do? Simple

I change lives. We all do, I just do it intentionally.

How do I do it? That’s a bit more involved. I’ve created a private client practice and training program to help answer that question as deeply as I can & if you are serious about an honest life that amplifies your gifts, I am honored to take you hand and show you the way that brought me to greater peace.

Through the InnerGuidance Process I support you fully be as you truly are and as you truly long to be.

 In Praise of Amara

"If you know her heart then you know that Amara Samata embodies the meaning of her name - Infinite Oneness, with true grace and devotion, guiding and accelerating our evolutionary process that we may awaken to the Infinite Oneness from which we spring.
And while I recognize that these words might strike you as fantastic or overly felicitous, I share them in all sincerity to convey the catalytic power that Amara and InnerGuidance has had upon me. I don't have adequate words to express how grateful I am.

Through experiencing pronounced shifts in consciousness, transcendent expansion in awareness, and greater actualization of my innate gifts, I've been inspired to share the significance of this sacred inner work both privately and publicly, creating an inspired revolution along the way.

Aubert Bastiat - Founder Sacred Sons


From Amara’s diary:

When I had nowhere else to run, standing on the mountain top... behind me only illusion, in front of me an abyss... the Great Unknown...I froze… "If I go back to the old way, my life will be a lie. If I jump into the Unknown, I die." For what seemed like an eternity, I stood trembling at the precipice of Awakening. The ground of known existence crumbling under foot. Then a Great Voice within said, "Jumping, not jumping, same thing. There is no mountain." Choicelessness - Emptiness - Was all that ever had been and all that ever could be.

In that moment perception shifted. The middle way opened and the mind of inner conflict Stopped. a unified view was revealed.

Awakening is just the beginning



It has been a profound journey, working with hundreds of individuals from over 28 different counties learning from each one about the incredible depth and potential of our human experience


Yes, there was a transition period. Evolving your ME-ness will do that. For weeks I stood in awe, in the rain, falling to the ground, laughing and crying sometimes in public, at the miracle of LIFE. My relationship to EVERYTHING changed. Literally everything.

My family and teachers supported me, as did the emerging clients & students who came asking for guidance, all in the perfection of DIVINE INTUITIVE FLOW. IT was so much more effortless that the way of fixing and figuring as before.

I did not lose my mind. Instead, I found my true sanctity.


My whole being adjusted to a life beyond, way beyond, what I previously imagined and experienced as possible.

As a naturally curious child, I was always asking, "WHY?"

When parents teachers and others could not support my questioning, I turned towards nature... often speaking to the clouds, listening to the birds and questioning the night sky.

When I was 7 years old, standing in the hallway of my childhood home, I had an epiphany.

"If I don't CHOOSE to BELIEVE what others are telling, I am free."  

Although guidance is needed


 The true guide is within

How did the Shift occur? What supported my Journey?

A combination of modalities from early years to now

It started with a willingness To be inspired motivated to walk the talk of change,

To be prepared, To be activated, initiated and guided.

A personal breakdown accelerated the process

But It was only Surrender that Awakened me

from the trance of mind and this Surrender is open to All at any time.


Inspired by the powerful combination of intuitive & intentional practices; the feminine and the masculine approaches, mixing structure, systems & the formless


People sometimes ask about my name. The name Amara was given to me by Yogi Bhajan, the founder of today's modern Kundalini Yoga movement.

A year later I met Mata Amritanandamayi - known as AMMA, the Hugging Saint - gave me the last name Samata. My family still calls me Carolyn and they respect that I chose to take a name that inspires me to reach my full potential.


Together Amara Samata means:

Infinite Oneness