In 2012, after years of dedicated seeking, nearly unbearable Peace, Bliss & Joy and a new outlook on life arose 24 hours a day, integrating and continuing to this day.


Relationship to everything shifted. Absolutely everything. 

Beauty & Self Image
Sexuality & Relationships
Spirituality, Art & Science
Contribution & Purpose
Money - Time
God -Source - Consciousness

Abiding in the Great Trinity of separate self, unified Self and No Self...Liberation gave birth to THAT WHICH IS, was and always will be. We call this living paradox: Freedom


InnerGuidance was born out of the Bodhisattva vows I took in 2011

Pledging to say “yes” to every call for guidance I receive, offering the Dharma in the best ways possible to reach as many as possiblE. lama asked me to teach outside of the order - no robes - just pure heart

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Life has has its challenges, rapidly shifting from full time mom & yoga teacher to revealer/writer/entrepreneur starting an international company and global movement, taking on the huge challenges of creating an onmi-compassionate spiritual-transformational-business model that seeks to create a true-win for all involved. New models for more sustainable personal and professional growth are needed for us to not be wasteful, not just biding, killing or spending our time here on earth but actually INVESTING every day, our time, energy, money, present focus and worldly assets and our good will, creating and EMPOWERED AWAKENED WORLD CULTURE. Welcome to IGI!

Back to the story…


It has been a profound journey, working with hundreds and hundreds of individuals privately and in groups, from over 28 different counties learning from each one more and more about the incredible depth and potential of our human experience.

Now after 6 years of letting go and letting Truth flow I would have never imagined I would end up here. Living in Bali, traveling the world, working passionately in the healing arts with people moving through my home center every week.

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Some time in November 2012…yeah, It was a big day!

This was the moment I surrendered to what cannot be answered in words nor found in a certain experience.

It can only be lived, evolving and existing, as it always is.

Yes, there was a transition period. For weeks I stood in awe, in the rain, falling to the ground, laughing and crying sometimes in public, at the miracle of LIFE.

My family and teachers supported me, as did the emerging clients & students who came asking for guidance, all in the perfection of DIVINE FLOW. 

I did not lose my mind. Instead, I found my true sanctity.

My whole being adjusted to a life beyond, way beyond, what I previously imagined and experienced as possible.


As a naturally curious child, I was always asking, "WHY?"

When parents teachers and others could not support or guide my questioning, I turned towards nature... often speaking to the clouds, listening to the birds and questioning the night sky.

When I was 7 years old, standing in the hallway of my childhood home, I had an epiphany.

"If I don't CHOOSE to BELIEVE what others are telling, I am free."  

In other words, I realised I HAD A CHOICE. That moment I vowed to know, "What really is GOD, TRUTH, FREEDOM?" 

Nearly forty years of voracious seeking - sorting through the truths and the lies outside in the world and inside my own mind - I experienced a series of extraordinary breakthroughs. 

The seeker and all it's systems and strategies for separation, fell away as something woke-up. 

In that extraordinary moment...

Liberated Living began. And this was just the beginning…


I awoke to HOLISTIC SELF through a combination of modalities.


art therapy, personal development programs, years of hatha & Kundalini yoga, SEVA, time with Amma, basic osho methods, INNER DANCE, many many books And daily private teaching by a Tibetan trained Lama in Dzogchen



How did the Shift occur?

It started with a willingness

To be inspired

To be prepared

To be activated and illuminated

initiated and guided

A personal breakdown accelerated the process

But It was only Surrender that Awakened me and this Surrender is open to All at any time.


Inspired by the powerful combination of thE intuitive-feminine & intentional-masculine approaches, I created the InnerGuidance Process, The InnerMIrror method & InnerGuidance International to offer to others what was offered to me.

IGI offers private & group sessions, trainings, a growing series of support products and tools for

Conscious Evolution 

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People sometimes ask about my name. The name Amara was given to me by Yogi Bhajan, the founder of today's modern Kundalini Yoga movement.

A year later I met Mata Amritanandamayi - known as AMMA, the Hugging Saint - who gave me the last name Samata. My family still calls me Carolyn and they respect that I chose to take a name that inspires me to reach full potential each time I hear it.


Together Amara Samata means:

Infinite Oneness

I would not say I am spiritual nor non-spiritual, I call myself a Conscious Evolutionist, someone interested in a conscious, consensual, sustainable or omni-considerate approach to the totality of human experience.





"Out of the many thousands of persons I've observed within Inner Dance Process, Amara's has been one of the crystal clearest. To see, to know, to speak, to radiate from the middle, always the highest middle. All of the above are, effortlessly, Amara's gifts. Any individual blessed to come into her radiance need not do anything but to resonate in her heart's presence."

Pi Villaraza, Creator of the Inner Dance