A holistic supported INQUIRY PROCESS

accelerating and activating one’s innate wisdom & highest potential in all areas of life spiritual, personal & professional.

IGI offers AN accelerated integral approach to human DEVELOPMENT

A Self-discovery process including transformational Visualization processes & our unique innerguidance coaching for integrative support.

A powerful alchemy of effective tools brought to you from the founders 40+ years

of committed conscious seeking, finding and embodiment.  


While the process itself is hard to describe, when experienced it makes sense to the innate wisdom within.

With no Agenda - other than to support YOU in a field of mutual respect and responsible allowing.

In our online community, group retreats, trainings or 1:1 sessions, we open to what we are all longing to be -

TOGETHER FREE yet freedom does not mean anything goes. It mean we are free to choose what goes and what doesn’t.


"There are no shortcuts to the Here & Now."

What we choose to focus on and Why in our present perspective will define our experience... as individuals, groups and as a human collective. You cannot imagine it from a non-liberated perspective, but you can use your imagination, power to focus to prepare yourself for a greater embodiment of LOVE.


Please watch the video below to witness Amara's first facilitation of the Inner Guidance Process as a group leader in Malaysia, 2012:


No one ever goes into deep, inner searching and finds out, "I’m not enough. In fact we find the opposite."

NO MATTER WHAT has occurred in the past, when we meet ourselves openly and honestly, we discover something astonishing, empowering and deeply humbling.


We are ENOUGH!



Through honoring and applying our current, precious biological human capabilities (like forgiveness, gratitude, awareness, compassion, trust) and the power of our expanding, intelligent love, all is possible.


It is my highest purpose to inspire you, empower and support you to the best of my ability, guided by the Loving Truth that I AM, that WE ARE, so that you may, in turn, do the same for others.

In this way, the world becomes an even more extraordinary place to live out the dream of these human lives.

~ Amara Samata