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12D InnerGuidance Training Program

This Program will focus on HOW TO:

·       Create safe effective sacred space

·       Apply sound healing with music, voice and instruments

·       Learn why & how to take clients through healing archetypal journeys

·       Learn how to offer Inner Inquiry through directives and questioning to transform fears into breakthrough experiences of freedom

·       Learn true channeling beyond personal or transpersonal agenda

·       Grow your intuitive capacity

·       Protect yourself as an evolutionary Empath

·       Explore & activate you ability to offer intentional and intuitive touch healing

·       Learn to create a field of trust and unconditional love for faster results

·       Learn the principles that bring about mastery as a healer and awakening being

·       How to address respectfully and responsibly catharsis, trauma transformation and kundalini rising

·       Explore your powers of conscious manifestation

·       Gain clarity on your gifts and aligned offerings as an Illuminator in the field of personal development, healing and awakening

In partner-work and in group space for 12 days you will receive the opportunity to experiment, lead, receive and play with your relationship to Trust and take your skills of discernment and intuition to the next level.