Frequently Asked Questions


About Amara:

1. What are Amara’s religious/spiritual beliefs or affiliations?

Amara was raised by a christian father and agnostic mother with Native American and European ancestry. She was educated in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism & Non-dualism and now lives in South East Asia.

Amara is sympathetic to all God, Energy or Spirit related belief structures but does not hold to any particular belief, theory or ideology herself. She is neither identified as spiritual nor non-spiritual and does not define herself or others by their beliefs. Amara works in a field of Present Awareness that is innately empathetic, compassionate and wise “beyond belief” or the need for beliefs as a foundation for thought, speech and action.

Amara’s full bio is available upon request.


2. Is Amara awakened or enlightened?

In 2012 Amara experienced a so-called spiritual awakening opening to a greater experiential perspective or Realization. Identities don't wake up. Instead the egoic construct falls away and what is left is Awake-ness. Awakening is only an invitation to be and become Self Realized. We could say Amara is in the Abiding process of integrating Awakening into her life experience, yet there is a knowing that THAT which she IS and all essentially are, has nothing to integrate as it never was ever actually separate. Is she or isn’t she? will always be a personal question having a yes and no answer, depending on the person’s perspective asking the question.


3. Can Amara heal me or awaken me?

Although many have experienced the powerful transmissional and transformational energy Amara offers, healing and awakening happens when a participant is ready, willing and able. Ready to surrender to a significant degree, their previous known or unknown limitations/strategies of body, heart, mind and spirit. One must be willing to see the Truth of what they are and are capable of. Amara can only strongly invite others to let go of lack and rise up in love . She can guide you sometimes gentle sometimes fierce to the stage but you must step up to it yourself. No one can shift or surrender for you.


4. What if I’ve already had an awakening?

Wonderful! Many times after such an experience which is happening around the world more and more we benefit greatly from added guidance, confirmation or deeper subtle understandings from those who have been living and working with it daily for years before us. Amara has a gift for guiding those in the process of kundalini rising,  Awakening, Spontaneous Healing, and Abiding or Embodied Integration process.

5. can i study with amara as a spiritual teacher?

It has been Amara’s previous focus to train facilitators rather than teach students in order to bring the experiential process of conscious evolution into the world. However due to the overwhelming request for Amara to offer more formal teachings, She will be offering a monthly SatSang or public teachings via and through various other written and audio material.

About Inner Guidance International (IGI):


1. What in store for the future of InnerGuidance?

Amara Samata along with her growing team are set to expand their offerings online, in other countries, in conscious communities and in larger guided group events worldwide. The success and potential of these programs has already been firmly established. In order to expand it takes dedicated student volunteers, paid committed specialist plus creative investors that value a better collective world culture.  

2. How can I help support Amara, IGI and all efforts to offer this invaluable work to the world?

The best way to support us is to get involved and participate. Ask what you have to offer now and how you would like to be supported in the process. Attend an IGI group or Intensive, IGI Training or Private Inner Guidance Session. For those with access to active communities and audiences we are willing to come and contribute to your area.

You precious contributions of dedicated focus, time, energy and financial contributions are so welcomed. IGI is seeking to ground 3 main long-term institutes in the locations of South East Asia, Europe and North America. These Institutes will serve as experiential learning centers, sanctuaries and catalysts for expanding seedling centers and conscious communities in those continental  areas. We are currently open to contributors and financial investors who wish to co-create and actualize this profound vision for accelerating and supporting  human transformation and reconnection.

Amara works in a field of trust and transparency in order to create the most sustainable win-win-win for all involved.  

Please reach out to us at [email protected]


About Private Sessions and working with Amara:


1. Where does Amara offer her private sessions?

Amara offers sessions at her home-center in Ubud Bali, online and in limited numbers when she is on tour.

2. What do I need to do to get ready for a session with Amara?

Please take the time to reflect before your session about you life and what you would want if you were really safe, committed, trusting and free? Even if you don't know at least you know that you are unsure and we can work from here. The more simple and honest the answers the better.

Please recognize that you are signing up for a potential shift in your previous foundational understandings which can and will affect the way you experience life on many levels. You will have more choice, more response-ability, less obligations to fulfill and more freedom ahead of you. To the egoic or dualistic-survivalist system this can be a real jolt even threatening. To the True or Evolutionary Self it is an extraordinary gift of Grace.

3. What if I have taken plant medicine, drugs or alcohol lately?

Do note that engaging in drugs, alcohol and plant medicine 3 DAYS before your session is not advised and can reduce the effectiveness of receiving the offerings significantly. Come as you are with a true willingness to be yourself honestly and to meet your evolving Truth. This is all that is required. Addictions can be resolved and personalized strategies for sustainable health will be discussed.   


4. How can I hold on to the experience and make it last in my life?

When one has experienced a full-body shift there is an instant integration that will last more or less depending on your level of commitment to living that new truth. You cannot un-see what has been seen. However we can of course support that integration with tools such as IGI writing exercises, daily connection through IG self-practice, self-activation through the Inner Guidance Transformational Audios, mentorship packages and more. Amara is always investing in more and more sustainable ways to serve, support and activate conscious individuals, families and communities.



About the 5-Day IGI Intensives:


1. Where do these 5 day Intensives take place?

IGI 5D Intensives takes place in Ubud Bali Indonesia and at other centers in Canada, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Thailand and wherever Amara is touring. Please see our regularly updated calendar of events for dates and times.

Please note that a minimum number of participants are need to hold the group experience. Before you buy you ticket to Bali, for those flying in, make sure that the group has reached guaranteed status.


2. What are the program hours?

9 or 10 am to 5 or 6 pm daily with 1.5-hour catered lunch break.


3. What if I can’t attend all 5 days? Can I still attend?

Amara has seen that in order to offer the deepest and best invitation for transformation, the absolute least amount of time it takes to walk participants through a cohesive cycle or journey and land them in a stable place is 5 days. Any less and you run the risk of leaving mid-transition which can lead to some reactive challenges.

That said if you trust yourself and would like to attend less days for various reasons, we allow participants to attend only the first 3 to 4 days. Due to the intense building group dynamic and growing field of trust, no one is allowed to join the group after the first day has begun.  The cost of the 5D intensive is the same no matter how many days you attend.

For those seeking to enter the Level 1 Training program all 5 days of the the 5-day Intensive are required.

Please note that no one had left the group yet even when they intended to :-) They see the vast value, benefit and opportunity at hand and end up making arrangements to stay. Also so far ALL those who have wanted to leave due to the resistances arising as they go deeper into the work end up being so glad they stayed! Please make time to attend all days and please do not expect to be able to got back to work during or a few days after the program. It is life changing and this need to be respected with introspection.


About the IGI Certification Programs (Level 1 & 2):


1. Accommodations: Where do I stay in Bali?

InnerGuidance International is located at 79A Sri Wedari, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia directly across from Honai Resort Ubud. There are many resorts, hotels and homestays in the area. The center is a 7 to 10 minute drive  from Jalan Raya Ubud or a 40 minute walk.


To stay walking distance of the center we recommend:

Anand Ashram

Honai Resort

or if you call us there are two new studio apartments $$ across the road we can check on the availability and price for you.


Within a short drive or motor bike taxi or 20 minute walk we recommend:

Taman Bali Bungalows

Gita Maha Hotel


To stay in  the heart of Ubud town at a very affordable place we recommend you stay on Jalan Gotama at a place like:

Goutama Homestay


2. Does IGI offer any discounts for these programs?

After careful budgeting and planning the investment for the program is set at the lowest possible cost. This training intensive program has been compared to others ranging in the $3000 to $10,000 dollar range for its content, mastery, effectiveness and energetic transmission. We cannot guarantee the price will always be this low but we do our best to balance between affordable offerings and the need to afford travel, marketing and our growing venues for growth and to produce high quality support tools for the growing IGI community.


3. How do I actually get my certificate?

The IGI Level One 250 hour certification intensive consist of 130 hours class time 9am to 5/6pm for 5 plus 10 days or 15 days total with 120 hours of post class time to practice offering private and group InnerGuidance sessions with refection forms. In order to know more about our certification program and how to receive your personal e-doc write to [email protected]

There are 2 levels of Level One certifications available - An Angel or Assistant level and full Facilitators Cert.

IGI Level Two 150 hour certification intensive consist of about 100 hours class time 9am to 6 or 7pm daily for 10 days with one day off plus 50 hours of time spent submitting required audio and video recordings for review.



About other in-person & on-line offerings:


1. does Amara do any lectures, presentations or public speaking?  

Absolutely! Amara loves and is gifted at speaking to and working with intimate & large audiences. Her lectures range from 1 hour to 3 hours long. It consist of an opening 8-min intro video, connecting the audience with a short 5-min meditation, speaking about HEALING & AWAKENING and her work as a CONSCIOUS EVOLUTIONIST with more than 2000 individuals and Q&A. 

Interactive lectures 3 hours minimum to 4 hours maximum stay, offers a power hands-on IG demonstration and transmission to a few volunteers from the audience. With the support of IGI advanced students, she then guides the hall - sitting in seats is fine - through a transformational healing journey. This is followed by audience sharing of their experience and ending with a  Q & A line where those who have burning questions can come forward to meet Amara and other team members as long as time permits. 

Commissions of sales and affiliate programs can be discussed. Please don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


2. Does she have any online offerings?

A series of InnerGuidance Transformational Audio Journeys are in the works to be completed early 2019. Also an online courses for individuals and groups is in the works and nearing completion. Amara’s book is intended to birth late next year.


3. Does AMARA offer private mentorship or soft training?

Yes Amara and the IGI advanced student team is more than willing to bring this conscious evolutionary work to your company or team. Please write to us to receive our training proposal details at [email protected]

Amara takes on a very limited number of mentorship clients who are wanting a longer and personal experience of InnerGuidance for the support of their breakthrough transformation into lived experience. These programs are customized out of several different options. To enquiry please connect with us at [email protected]


About free, donation-based events:


1. Does IGI have any free or low-cost offerings?

The NEW InnerGuidance Public Sangha is offered the first Thursday of the month in Bali via a suggested donation of 200K IDR or $15 USD including herbal chai and light vegan dinner afterwards with community connection and Q & A. Please check our calendar for details.

On all tours Amara always offer a free or donation-based public lecture night with demo’s and group activation plus Q & A.

In order to best serve the various needs of clients and our growing IGI wish-list of products and services Amara seek to always offer low-cost, mid-range and executive programs.

Please see our free resources here.



For all other questions or inquires, or to start your registration process for an event or session, please contact us HERE.