The 5-Day Intensive is a hyper-accelerated, conscious evolutionary program.

This breakthrough course calls upon your whole being to step-up courageously & authentically for yourself & others.


Due to the intensity of the work, we work in small groups of no more than 22 people. An application form per approval is required to attend. This program is designed to facilitate accelerated sustainable transformation resulting in more choice, more clarity, healthier behavior, healing on many levels and Awakening to a greater realization of Self, life and purpose. Program includes:

This intensive program includes:

  • 1 hour daily lectures and Q&A with IGI Founder Amara Samata

  • interactive healing demos

  • mantra activations

  • a daily 2-hour guided InnerGuidance group process with Amara offering custom intuitive healing & awakening activations and advanced student support

  • IGI writing exercises for accessing inner knowing and integration

  • InnerMirror Method tutorial and practice

  • hands-on intuitive InnerGuidance partner work

  • our signature “old story” fire ceremony

  • our signature “new story” activation

  • morning all-you-can eat exotic fruits and free flow herbal chai

  • gourmet raw, vegan and vegetarian lunch buffet with raw & cocoa desserts

Amara and her advanced students offer you guidance to access your unique inner realizations and deeper conscious embodiment with the support of proven InnerGuidance tools such as:

  • Guided Inquiry

  • InnerMirror MethodTM

  • Sound Healing

  • Supportive Touch

  • IGI Guided Journeys

  • Empathy Building Exercizes

  • Amara’s extensive personal knowledge and experience of Kundalini awakenings & self healing

  • Transmissions leading to transformational shifts in perception

  • Integration support

  • Conscious Relating tools


This Intensive is for those who are willing to be radically honest with themselves... who are ready to embrace surrender and the greater potential it brings.

It's a program for those seeking a much deeper
relationship with sustainable freedom.

Freedom from: 

  • Limiting social conditioning

  • Limiting stories & beliefs

  • Fear or Lack-based strategies & habits

  • Deeper illusions of lack

  • Ignorance, apathy and cultural behaviours our human species is longing to transcend

Whether you identify as spiritual or not, doesn’t matter.

Whether you have been searching for years, or you are just getting started.

All that is required to join this Intensive is a willingness to focus your awareness within and a responsible desire for Truth in a group experience.


We hear it all the time, “This was the most intense, life-changing, powerful experience ever!”

Many who attend this Intensive have tried many other modalities and substances (of which we use none)! Why is this program, in particular, so intense?

Because we call upon the totality of your natural intelligence system, working on all levels together:
 physically, emotionally, mentally & energetically

This is not a theoretical approach.

It is truly a holistic, full-body inquiry of Truer Self.

Some systems (people) are more visual; others are more intellectual or kinaesthetic. We honor each individual (and their unique system) in a supportive space of deep allowing.

From here, Truth makes Itself known.

There can be a physical or emotional detox process that occurs as old identifications fall away and new expansive perception arises.

What participants love is how masterful, safe and fast the positive changes are facilitated.  

Many are able to release life-long traumas and blockages and, in turn, offer and receive greater love, inspiration, clarity of purpose and joy in new, more-sustainable ways that they've never imagined possible.


If you're interested and want to learn more about this offering, please click the "Apply for a 5-Day Intensive Now" button below:

Investment starting January 2019: $1100 USD



Photos from July 2017, 5-Day Intensive in Lithuania: