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Dear Courageous Ones,

 I'm so glad you're here.


Because you're reading this, I'm guessing you've noticed that inner calling or longing within. The longing to be more of who you really are, or would be, if you felt supported, more free. Exciting? Scary? Both?

I understand.

IT called me, too.

Whether it's new or you've felt this for years. 
Whether it whispers or screams,
one thing is obvious...

Whatever it is, you can't ignore it anymore.

Some traditions preach that awakening or realization of True Self, is out of reach, takes years or lifetimes to find or cultivate, and is only for the "spiritual elite." 

Thankfully, this wasn't my experience.

what are we awakening to?

An expansion of pure perception that invites clarity, ease, honesty and the freedom to live LOVE & WISDOM in the perfect way for you.

Whether you're curious or fully committed to finding out what's beyond the old limiting stories and outdated strategies of the past, I want you to know

Healing is possible and Awakening is your birthright. 

As a guide, a teacher, a mentor, a friend,

I'm here for you.

Amara Samata


Amara's Journey
to Truth.

When I had nowhere else to run, standing on the mountain top... behind me only illusion, in front of me an abyss... the Great Unknown...

I froze.

"If I go back to the old way, my life will be a lie. If I jump into the Unknown, I die."

For what seemed like an eternity, I stood trembling at the precipice of Awakening. The ground of known existence crumbling under foot. 

Then a Great Voice within said:

"Jumping, not jumping, same thing. There is no mountain."

In that moment, at choice point surrender happened and perception shifted.


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InnerGuidance Private Sessions & Group Intensives

invitations to transform your inner and outer life


one-on-one sessions with amara

What happens when we are guided and allowed to experience ourselves and our evolutionary truth  without fear, in a field of support & trust?  TRANSFORMATION. I have worked with thousands of people and have seen patterns on the way to greater freedom. I know the traps and the opportunities.

I'm honored to guide you.


International 5-Day group intensives

The 5-Day IGI Transformational Intensive is a hyper-accelerated conscious evolutionary program. It is an integral breakthrough course that calls upon your whole being to step-up courageously and authentically, for yourself and others inviting Embodied Holistic Truth.


Become an InnerGuidance Facilitator.



InnerGuidance International offers trainings on how to effectively and responsibly facilitate healing and awakening.


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"The gift & mastery Amara has is so very rare and precious. The ability to deeply hold those in InnerGuidance work, guiding them into clarity, with no agenda, no fear, nothing at all, only allowing what-is to simply BE in its full brilliance. After my session there were simply no words left. My deepest respect."

Sarah, U.S.A.




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Join us in Truth & Love.


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