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About InnerGuidance Facilitators Training Programs 

InnerGuidance International offers trainings designed to create a solid, globally-respected and responsible foundation for facilitating accelerated, effective personal development, healing and awakening.


InnerGuidance International (IGI) formed organically from the Founder’s Direct Experience of Awakening, her 12 years of Yoga practice and teaching, her experiences in Inner Dance, and her 2 year daily mentorship in Dzogchen Buddhist Education. Amara's unique inspired signature processes and tools combine the best of many conscious modalities bringing them into an alchemy of refined essence for accelerated growth. InnerGuidance arose as a way to teach others how to masterfully facilitate restored wholeness, healing and awakened living.

IGI was the obvious response to Amara’s own integration and the rising call

to better serve, share, shape, ground and grow this powerful process world wide.




Who trains at InnerGuidance International?


Those who come to the IGI all share a committed interest in exploring their True Potential and the Truth of our authentic human experience.

People come from all over the world to learn how to facilitate the Inner Guidance process and guide others using IGI Integration tools.

Many of the IGI students are well established healing arts practitioners seeking greater impact and more sustainable personal & professional strategies for long-term success, while others are in a transition period exploring ways to be of greater service in the world.

Either way, there is a COURAGEOUS inner calling to meet that which seeks to be met with PRESENCE for self and others in clearer, deeper and more truthful and effective ways.


IGI participants come to discoveR simple powerful ways to un-learn, refine and guide themselves and others to live the most peaceful, joyful, healthiest, awake lives possible.

In 2014, three different people in one week asked Amara the same question, “Can you teach me how to do what you're doing?”

Unsure, Amara set out to see if she could map out and transfer her intuitive transmissional skills for seeing, knowing and guiding others very quickly to CHOICE POINT, greater shifts in consciousness, healing and beyond.

Turns out, she can

and InnerGuidance International was born.

Those who have attended IGI trainings have seen dramatic, beneficial shifts in their lives and their careers, both new and established ones.

Intuition arises, insecurities fall away, inspiration explodes and Trust in ones ever-expanding Truth really grounds home. 

It’s not a matter of "will these trainings be effective?"...

But rather, how to best honor the newfound wisdom, experiences and opportunities that are created from this powerful, awakening process. The InnerGuidance Process is a core process that can be customized and joyfully created to fit your unique gifts and community. 


The certification programs below are designed for people who are ready to meet themselves and others in deep presence & transparency, as well as ready to learn effective systems for guiding others to wholEness.

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InnerGuidance International
Level 1 Facilitators Training

the NEW level 1 250-HR 15 day CERTIFICATION training is for individuals who are dedicated to truth & honesty, life-long learning, conscious growth & Service, and the holistic wellbeing of self and others.

Level 1 Participants include

  • Conscious Beginners who are ready to transition into a healing arts profession due to a calling to live and give from a more aligned, authentic. honest place.

  • Experienced practitioners, coaches, healers seeking greater depth and resources for themselves and their clients.

  • All interested participants who have had personal experience with deep vulnerable “inner” self reflective work and who can be present to self and others even when their own “stuff” is being challenged. The IGI 5 Day Intensive prerequisite program is designed to offer this wisdom and experience to those who qualify.

  • NOT ALL WHO WISH TO MOVE FROM THE 5D INTENSIVE INTO THE 10D TRAINING WILL BE ACCEPTED. Participants are screened and accepted based on their ability to demonstrate a solid dedication of spirit, clarity of mind, vulnerable openness of heart and capacity to embody the more challenging truths and revelations needed to live, hold and guide this incredibly transformative process.


Level 1 does NOT imply an overly-simplified or basic level of training.

Level 1 DOES imply a high-bar, foundational, intensive program offering the complete foundation needed for accelerated evolution and holistic transformation.



In this L1 Training Program we will focus on the What, Why and How-To’s of:

  • Including IGI theory and outlined methods in original 100+ page trainers manual

  • Creating a non-agenda field of trust for faster accelerated results

  • Applying intuitive & intentional sound healing with music, voice and instruments

  • Guiding clients with intuitive & intentional language: through a series of self-illuminating questions transforming fears into breakthroughs

  • Explore & activate you ability to offer intuitive & intentional touch healing

  • Offering custom Inner Inquiry for instant clarity and transformation

  • Channeling clearly without conceptual limitations beyond personal or transpersonal agenda

  • Growing your intuitive capacity through awareness and feedback

  • Protecting yourself as an evolutionary Empath

  • Learning the principles and practices that bring about dedicated mastery and longevity in the Healing Arts

  • Addressing & landing safely catharsis, trauma release and kundalini rising

  • Knowing the greater truth behind “mystical” energetic experiences like past life remembrances, entity removal, energetic blockages, contracts and cord cutting, so-called soul retrievals & re-birthing, energetic lineage & ancestral healing, etc.

  • Exploring your powers of conscious manifestation

  • Gaining clarity on your unique gifts & aligned offerings as an Illuminator in the field of personal development, healing and awakening

In daily Q&A teachings, healing demonstrations, partner-work and group practice, you will explore and refine your understanding, discernment and intuition bringing your offerings and life experience to the next level for you and your growing clientele and community!

Also client integration tools will be given. We will discuss ways to grow organically and how to collaborate rather than compete in the healing arts arena creating sustainability for the conscious evolutionary community as a whole.

This 250 hour 15 day certification process involveS

  • Approximately 130 hours of class participation time including the 5-Day Intensive and the 10-Day Training.

  • An additional 20 hours or 7 private session with feedback forms are needed to obtain your IGI Assistant or Angel status. IG Assistants can participation in InnerGuidance groups as an assistant facilitator by invitation. NOTE: IGI Angles can use InnerGuidance as an influencing factor in their personal and professional offerings but NOT the InnerGuidanceTM name itself.

  • Once your IGI Angel/Assistant requirements have been approved you may use the InnerGuidance name and branding advertising your event as InnerGuidance - CIP or Certification-In-Process while you move towards completing the IGI L1 Facilitators Full certification with the additional 100 hours required. Average time to reach full certification is 6 months to 1 year.

  • After Angel/Assistant status is reached an additional 100 hours of post class time practice with easy-to-follow Google docs interactive format is required plus approval of the founder through a final interview, to complete for your full L1 InnerGuidance Facilitator Certification.

  • Full Certification involves written assessments on self processes, private and group sessions, plus video submissions of one invited group and one private session for IGI’s review only. Use of Google Docs is required plus email to send your clients a survey form and a basic device for filming.

  • All submissions will be overseen by Amara Samata and the IGI certifications manager and developer.



Fully certified L1 students will gain the right to hold official programs below and be eligible for:

·       InnerGuidanceTM Group Processes

·       InnerGuidanceTM Private Sessions

·       possible Co-facilitating with other Advanced students during IGI Weekends and 5-Day Intensives

·       access to IGI online facilitators forum

·       featured on IGI website

·       access to IGI L2 trainings and detailed weekend learning programs and advanced student programs in person and online

·       possible affiliate or host programs and commissions 



IGI 10-Day Level One Certification training $2200 USD

PREREQUISITE: 5-Day IGI Transformational Intensive $1100 USD



Level 1 is offered 2 times a year in BALI only at this time 2019
22 participants max
For dates & to apply for this training, click below:


Photos from various Level 1 Trainings:


InnerGuidance International
Level 2 Advanced Facilitators Training

the NEW Level 2, 150-hour 12-day training is for experienced L1 Certified IGI practitioners who are interested in a deeper understanding of conscious evolution & a greater capacity to EMBODY & facilitate healing and awakening.


IGI offers this Level 2, intensive training as an in-depth and highly-focused, daily hands-on experiential learning program.

Those who attend Level 2 are prepared to meet themselves and others with profound life-changing honesty, vulnerability, compassion, intuition, wisdom and presence. In doing so, we map the way for others to do the same.

The What, Why and How-To’s of accessing a fuller human experience from preconception to afterlife will be explored in ways that give depth to your life experience as a human being who has chosen a path of Self discovery and Service.

In this 150-Hour IG Advanced Facilitator, Practitioner & IGI Coach Certification Program, we will focus on many possible topics and processes of deeper exploration including:

  • L1 Review

  • IGI coaching practice

  • Daily hands-on lead practice of IGI demos, group guidance on the mic over music, etc

  • group facilitation on a select public volunteer practice group

  • Understanding our human potential free from dualistic conditioning

  • Developing a deeper capacity to activate and facilitate holistic human experience into breakthroughs

  • Navigating the “Trap-portunities” of life and working with expanding the survivalists mindset with conscious choice

  • Creating an Inner Community that fosters a healthy supportive conscious culture

  • Inner Tantra - Sexual Healing, “Sexuality” vs Life Force Energy and Tantric Facilitation

  • Vulnerability Day and Self-Trust Facilitation involving optional nudity

  • Effective Cathartic guidance and Trauma Transformation - Release & Reframing

  • Conscious Relating and IG Couples & Family Counselling tools

  • The How-To's of Greater Conscious Manifesting

  • Karmic Management VS Karmic Liberation

  • The Egoic-Enlightenment Spectrum and a deeper look at the 13 stages of Awakening

  • The "THEN-WHAT WAY" practice of IGI Coaching for Instant Clarity

  • CHOICE POINT: How consciousness evolves through choice

  • Humanity: the big picture of evolution moving from a ME to a WE species

  • Conscious conception and conscious dying -Tibetan Buddhist PHOWA understanding

  • The Dakini Mandala for Emotional transformation

  • InnerMIrror MethodTM day workshop


In daily Q&A teachings with Amara, plus participant lead healing demonstrations, partner-work and group practice we will practice, explore, learn, discuss and discover best-practices and strategies for joyful, true responsible being, living and serving.  

Amara and her collaborative teaching team will offer their collective wisdom from their thriving healing practices allowing further comparative studies and experiences for participants to draw inspiration from.

Certified Level 2 students are eligible to work as recognised IGI advanced facilitators and IG coaches for groups and privates.

This 150 hour 12 day certification process involveS

  • Approximately 96 hours of class participation time included in the 12-Day Intensive Training plus additional 54 hours in submission and reflections.

  • three submitted coaching calls - audio or video

  • three submitted private IG sessions before and after - audio or video

  • two submitted public group session with demo - basic video

  • one weekend immersion full proposal to full completion.

    Amara and her team will provide logistical guidance for you to help you create and complete your weekend retreat

CERTIFIED L2 Participants will be able to OFfer:

  • Advanced private and group sessions

  • Official 2.5-Day IGI Introductory Intensive weekend programs

  • 5-Day IGI Transformational Intensives available upon Approval with intern requirements

  • L2 Facilitators are eligible and given priority to co-facilitate & collaborate as affiliates


Investment BEGINNING JAN 2109: $2200 USD

PREREQUISITE: L1 Certification

Level 2 is offered Once every year or two at this time.
For dates & to learn more about this training, or if you wish to participate, click below: