A 11 day/100-hour Program in Bali 

Inner Guidance Certification Program

11th-21nd of June 2017, Ubud, Indonesia





Born out of a calling to offer up to others this unique process that can bring one to the doors of  wholeness, wellness and unity, IGI is a seedling center for accessible Self-Illuminating programs. 

The Inner Guidance Process itself is a powerful well-tested alchemy influenced by mainly by the Inner Dance work as founded by Pi Villaraza, Philippines & the framework of Dzogchen Tibetan Tantra and Nondualism, as taught by Master Facilitator and Trainer, Amara Samata.

Using the outer keys of sound, touch, and inquiry combined with the inner keys of awareness, trust and surrender, using breath as initial point of awareness participants are allowed to open up physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and/or energetically.

The process is guided in a deep state of love and understanding so participants may experience their own personal truths with no agenda from facilitators other than to provide the invitation to safely embrace the benefits of expanded awareness.

Support for that which arrises within you is provided after as needed by Amara Samata through one of her various programs.



In this 11 day intensive facilitators certification course, we offer 10 full days of trainings and hands-on experience in the healing arts through various modalities.  One day is for rest and integration.

The Inner Guidance Program will focus HOW TO:

  • Create sacred space
  • Apply sound healing with music and instruments
  • Learn how to take clients through healing archetypal journeys
  • Learn how to offer Inner Inquiry through directives and questioning
  • Learn the difference between channeling and being
  •  Explore intentional and intuitive touch healing
  • Explore creating a field of trust and unconditional love
  • Learn the principles that bring about mastery as a healer and awakening being

In partner-work you will receive the opportunity to experiment and play with your own relationship to Trust daily and take your skills of discernment and intuition to the next level of allowing.

Also the importance of after-care and support will be discussed and ways to connect rather than compete in the healing arts arena.

In a final Q & A on the business of spirituality and healing will be addressed and strategies given to building a viable inner community and professional offering. 

What does the IGI Course Include?

At the Inner Guidance Institute we provide a professional, safe and caring environment while offering a deep transformational experience with real applicable tools for you to create and expand your offerings in the healing arts.

Daily Schedule Consists of:

  • 10am class begins, doors open at 9am
  • 10am to 11am daily teaching and lecture with Amara
  • 11am to 11:15 Daily Demo
  • 11:15am to 11:30 Morning Break
  • 11:30am to 1:00pm Partner Work and daily experience
  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm LUNCH
  • 2:00pm to 5:00pm Inner Dance Group session, sharing circle & Q & A



Working Materials 

  • Welcome gift bag
  • IGI 80-page training manual
  • Inner Dance music play list Pi
  • Inner Guidance play list Amara

Catered Meals 

  • Morning fruit salad
  • Delicious daily raw and vegetarian lunch
  • Afternoon treats.
  • Plus water, tea and coffee available all day.

International Certification 

  • Official access to IGI logo for websites and promotion. 
  • Official certificate
  • Written testimonial from Amara

*Flight tickets, accommodation, insurance, transportation not Included. 


  • I’ve spent the last 18 years working and studying different healing modalities and I recommend the inner guidance institute workshop to absolutely anybody willing to show up for themselves. This course is for those who have small healing experience as well as those who have huge experience. There is just so much learning and wisdom to be gained from Amara. It has been the most amazing profound experience! Amara is a beautiful, gorgeous, genuine, teacher and I want to thank you Amara, you beautiful, beautiful lady! You have truly, changed me and my life.
    — Dr. Carli Axford
  • I feel almost unbearable gratefulness for everything that happened to me the last 10 days in your trainning program. I cannot be more grateful to this amazing woman Amara Samata who was always there in Truth, to witness the Truth in me. Thank you so much. It was beautiful!
    — Evgeniya Babina, Inner Guidance Facilitator
  • Amara’s presence has helped me connect with my Self in such a deep way. I’ve never really met anyone who could hold the space for me to drop so deeply into what I really am. There is something very unique and special about the way Amara holds space. I would recommend any training that Amara offers. Her offerings are such a special gift! Thank you Amara I’m so grateful.
    — Shelly Bullard


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