IT starts with a CHOICE and IT will only work if you let IT

to those who MUST discover what is longing to be revealed, healeD, received or released in order to EMBODY your next level living, welcome.

Photos of Private Sessions with Amara:

The aim of our session is to

  • shed the old layers and reach CHOICE POINT where you can no longer cling to limited understandings that don't fully serve you and your unique life's purpose. 

  • shift old patterns, karma and energy and

  • illuminate your gifts and greater wisdom so that they become even more readily accessible to you for the sake of the ALL.

  • discuss further strategies to nurture and serve your new realizations creating a sustainable, embodied experience of Conscious Evolution.


**Sessions are usually done in-person however if you don't live in Bali,
you can request to have a session/call online.


private sessions OFFER customised, Clarity, Healing on Many Levels, Profound Realization of evolutionary truth, Awakening a greater perception or deeper Abiding of previous Awakened experience.


“I have worked with thousands of people over the last 7 years and have seen the patterns, the traps and the opportunities on the path to greater freedom. I am so thankful to all the beautiful beings who have taught me about life and humanity in the process.

I'm honored to guide you along the way.”


AmaraSamata201709-261 (1).jpg

For those who are service oriented and who are deeply committed to being a supportive bright light in this world.

PLEASE NOTE sessions are HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIONAL. Please join when you are ready to embrace real change.


What might a private session with Amara include? 

Healing modalities MAY include:

  • initial intake

  • beginning breathwork

  • sound support with music and instruments

  • healing energetic touch

  • guided Inquiry

  • guided visualization therapy for healing the past and creating a new future

  • energetic alignment clearing

  • re-birthing

  • trauma release

  • tantric applications

  • transformational writing processes for clarity and integration

  • clearing of specific karmic or childhood wounds, limiting beliefs or negative energies

  • True Self illumination and integration

  • karmic contract renegotiations,

  • past, present and future life readings maybe addressed in the session


What is a Private Session like?

For some, this will be a very emotional and heart-centered experience; for others, kinesthetic and physically activating. For others, it will be experienced as energetic or even mystical. For others still, it will be a practical and logical process that just “makes sense.”

Of course as humans we are capable of all of these experiences and the aim is to give each person and their unique, evolving system a chance to benefit from them all. This is why it is so hard for people to explain what an IG session is because it defies categorization and blends many so-called spiritual, physical, energetic, intellectual and psychological modes compatibly and seamlessly. In Buddhism this is called "The Skilful Means" by which an awakened or masterful teacher uses their intuition and experiential wisdom to guide each person to greater embodied realization. 


The potential by-product of our session is what we call Healing and Awakening experienced as greater access to choice, deeper clarity and lightness or joy.

Your CURIOSITY, courage and willingness to COmmit to yourself and your evolving Truth - is all that is required.

You get to choose how deeply to unfold.

I am here for you.


Topics of consultation during your session can include:

Empowered Purpose, Conscious Relationships, Intentional Conception, Awakened Birthing & Parenting, Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Rising, Physical & Emotional Healing, Conscious Living & Contributing, Conscious Dying, Navigating and Transcending Samsara & Greater World Collective topics for these times in transition.

i work those who value freedom including:

Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Life Coaches, Tantric Practitioners, World-Class Thought Leaders, Conscious Business Leaders, Scientists, Shamans, Doctors, IT and AI Engineers  and Healing Arts Practitioners worldwide.


Session details:

In expanded awareness, I work in cycles, not by time.

Sessions run about  2 hours long and 2.5 to even 3 hours on some occasions.


Do allow for quiet integration time after (I have space for you to rest and integrate). Sessions held in person in Bali or Via on-line call.

$300 USD in Bali

$500 USD and up on tour



  • Private Sessions usually need to be booked 2 weeks - 1 month in advance



InnerGuidance for Couples & Families

Inviting the conscious relationship forward

This couples/family package includes one 2 hour private session for each partner or parent and a third couples/family IG intuitive strategy session together as a couple of family with children present.

This immersion is designed with CONSCIOUS couples and family in mind. Each partner/parent will receive a full session with added attention given to conscious relating for personal & family success & sustainability. Children are welcome to come and play while sessions are taking place. We have a garden, toys, soft mats for resting and playing and a trampoline.

Couples/Family Sessions Investment: $900 USD in Bali only