Please watch this video to hear Testimonials about
Amara & The InnerGuidance Process:


"I have know this woman for 7 years now. As a client, a friend and now as part of the IGI team, I can honestly say Amara is the “Real Deal”, meaning, she embodies what she offers to us all so generously and her dedication to mastery is extraordinary. She has touched me, my family my community in the most profound ways. I am honored to grow with IGI and support Amara, a truth-teller, a wisdom keeper, a world illuminator designed perfectly for our time.”

Jen Klein, canada


"I can honestly say that Amara has been the most influential mentor and trainer in my life. After 19 years of yoga studies and numerous body therapy trainings and certificates Inner Guidance trainings and private sessions with Amara have been the most meaningful, influential, transformational things to invest my energy, time and money (I have been traveling to Bali only for this from other side of the world).

It has helped me to grow and walk my path towards more free and truthful life while getting rid of belief systems that are no longer serving me. I have also gained a lot of trust and knowledge from Inner Guidance to facilitate, hold space and support people in their own inner paths. It is truly a gift to be able to witness that in Finland and the Inner Guidance work is showing its magic here. The IG community is growing fast because people can really see and feel how life-changing and liberating work this is."

iituli aalto, finlanD


"Today I met an angel. Her name is Amara. I am so grateful for her existence. Amaraji, you have shown me what I was afraid to see. The Light that I AM."

Kaarina, Russia


"It has been such a blessing to work with Amara. She is so powerful and provides a very safe space for you to see what you need to see. I was able to fully surrender and dive deep together with her. She has shown me in one session all that I needed to see and learn and what has been holding me back for so long. Finally I went straight to the root of my problem and have been able to resolve it. Truly a life changing experience. Amara has a very special gift and I would recommend any one to work with her."

Nadja v, Holland


"To find someone you can totally trust, to be seen unconditionally for who you really are, is a rare thing. Amara's work has deeply touched me and transformed my life in an effortless way. She speaks from direct experience and holds deep wisdom in a high vibrational field. I always recommend her over and over again with excellent feedback every time."

Javiera Correa, Chile


"When I came to Amara I was looking deeper understanding for the awakening process that was already unfolding in me. I found that in just one personal session. After that I knew I really wanted to take her program. I just wanted to be around her, for me she is a living embodiment of Truth. Amara speaks from Truth and she is really a beautiful woman, graceful, ordinarily simple and I just love to be in her presence and hear the wisdom. Thank you so much!!"

Jyoti Schonfelder-fehres, Netherlands


"Amara's wisdom is spot-on. After each call I feel inspired and ready to face life's challenges with passion and confidence. After my first month of Mentorship, I received an offer to start my own wellness center. Miracle Manifesting! I feel blessed to know her."

Andre zitcer, London


"I’ve met a lot of excellent Teachers in my life, a few exceptional ones, but before AMARA SAMATA - not one, for whose teaching and lifestyle I would say 100% YES. Although I am at that point of my life’s path where I no longer need to follow any Guru, I love being in Amara's field, meeting her eyes and quietly watching how response-able, loving and alive she is sharing her wisdom and all her Being with all her students. Thank you for awakening my True Nature through your Pure Essence. Thank you for holding my hand during the first steps after awakening to the world beyond illusion. Thank you for being so simple and extraordinary at the same time."

lina grybeniene, lithuania


"Amara's presence has helped me connect with my Self in such a deep way. There is something very unique and special about the way Amara holds space... she holds it in a way that allows me to drop so deeply into what I truly am. She and her offerings are such a special gift."

shelly bullard, u.s.


"When I came to see Amara I was looking for my Truth. I found it. I cannot really put it into words, it was very very powerful. VERY powerful! I had to face my fears. When I came out of the session I felt relieved, at peace and like everything was deleted after so many years of conditioning. Everything I believed in and stood up for was gone. Thank you Amara, through you and your trainings and mentorship program I am finding the AUTHENTIC me!"

suada pajaziti, dubai


"When I came to this program with Amara, I was looking for a key that could open me up. And I thought OK, with Amara, I’ve found the key! And then I found another key. Which was fun! And then I found another 100 keys! And now I know everything is the key! Every smell! Every touch! Every sound! Every leaf is the key. Life is the key! Come and experience this amazing transformational training course for yourself!"

lina daniene, lithuania


"Inner Guidance facilitator training Level 2 has just finished. Eleven days of diving so deep that I couldn't have imagined at the beginning. Day by day facing your edges and going beyond, meeting lies and opening the door for the Truth, crying in despair and overcoming it feeling very empowered...There is no appropriate words to describe what happened during these eleven days. Great transformation on all levels. Literally best training in my Life.

The first few days I was crying non-stop, overwhelmed by enormous gratitude. Now there is no need for tears, this sense of gratitude became solid and pure because having an extra-ordinary, aligned-with-Truth Teacher, Amara Samata, and an extra-ordinary loving and caring Inner Family is normal. A new normal."

evgeniya babina, russia


"Inner Guidance has been THE most powerful method for me in my path of holistic body-mind-soul searching for the truth, alignment to who I really am and awakening to the light and love I AM and WE ARE. It has taken my intuition to a whole new level, shed so many layers of outdated beliefs, patterns and suffering from my body-mind system and given me a sense of freedom so profound that always when I'm connected to that, fear cannot exist. I'm deeply grateful for my mentor and teacher Amara and the whole inner community. Thanks to InnerGuidance, my love is bigger than my fear!" 

Mari Rasimus, Finland


"My whole life, I had this deep sense that I was weak and fragile, and that the world was dangerous. During the session with you, I was able to release this belief/trauma from my body, from my father, my grandfather, and my great grandfather. It was incredibly powerful to experience how each of them passed on their beliefs about the world unconsciously to the next generation. Since out session, I have felt more safe and powerful in the world. It was amazing how you could see what was happening in my body/soul without me saying anything. I felt so safe, loved, and supported in your presence. I came into the session thinking "all I want is truth," and I really thought that this was the noblest pursuit. But your intuitive questioning left me to discover that I just want to rest as what I am, and that the truth seeking was just a man trying to get somewhere." 

noah elkrief, U.S.


"Amara has a wonderful energy about her. In the program, just about every day something amazing happened. Someone had some type of awakening or self-assessment that brought them to another place of understanding. And I too felt all of this and I had my own awakening which was a deep connection to my Self. I have healed myself physically through this work in profound way. I highly recommend this course. Thank you so much Amara."

jim ouellette, U.S. 


"I had a calling to come to this training and I knew it was exactly where I need it to be. Day one came and it was just confirmation after confirmation after confirmation! I needed to connect with that root of my offerings and I wasn’t sure what that was going to look like.  When I came here and I started working with Amara I knew that she was going to be a very powerful teacher and I’m so happy that I found the Divine feminine teacher for me. I’m so grateful. Her offerings and what she has to bring forward are the truth really the truth and she questions the truth within your heart within your soul so that you can remember so that I can remember so we can remember. That truth is… is the ultimate truth it’s the cherry on top it’s the bliss! So coming here to discover the truth. And being held with so much compassion and understanding and trust the space has been very, very safe and allowing. There is no right there is no wrong it’s just perfection I highly recommend it for all who are feeling the call to come and experience the ultimate truth. Thank you.”

Harmony polo, U.s. & Bali


"My sessions with Amara have been deeply insightful. She has a wonderful ability to create a space for the client to tap into their own inner wisdom and to
provide information that she channels externally. The combination is  powerful and for me has been profound."

jacqueline hellyer, Australia


"Where to begin?!  Simply put, it was life changing.  The experience and perspective she shared is truly a gift.  My 2-hour long journey with Amara took me further than I have traveled over the course of years.  So much peace was born as a result.  I appreciated that she is willing to continue sessions via Skype - allowing me to have a piece of Bali at home in the US.  There is so much to process, and I am patient with that time, but will definitely come back to her for more.  I highly recommend Amara as her gentle soul and profound gift touched me and I am forever changed."

Maire Katharine, U.S.


"Amara has a Divine gift of emptiness and open awareness to fully be present with the person she is serving as a divine witness. Very wise and full of love in the interaction with a deep presence of a master. Yet so humble in her knowing she is not the ego. A mentor and friend, as she shares her journey so honestly and accessible. A gem of a spirit and kindred soul."

Amma Sophia Rose, U.S. & Bali


"Amara’s sharing & quiet power is so beautiful. Because she is freed of the ego, there is no denseness or negativity that you might feel from another human form. So much light! She heals with compassion and confidence, channeling with such clarity moment to moment. Knowing instinctively what to do, each experience is tailored to what you need to uncover within yourself, so that your own intelligence and the abundance of your own inner wisdom can be re-connected and re-calibrated. Dearest Amara, thank you for creating a sacred space where I felt free to deep-dive into myself. To all still reading this, this is a powerful time for transformation. A session with Amara will definitely turn many pages in your life’s book and be a catalyst for positive change!"

Pamela Ng, Singapore


"I attended Amara's Inner Guidance workshop in Helsinki last August. The experience was extremely powerful. I had practiced yoga, meditation and for example TRE – method but I had never felt this strong connection between my mind, body, and heart. It felt like conscious trance or subconscious journey. I feel that after so many experiences I have finally found something that includes everything I have been looking for."

Johanna, Finland


"I am feeling grateful, alive, strong, courageous, beautiful –Thank you Amara for creating a space for allowing, accepting and embracing the truth and for facing myself in all the raw, wild energy that I am. What Inner Guidance has offered me is an ongoing journey of discovering what I have forgotten and reconnecting with myself with new kind of compassion and gratitude. Layer after layer I am letting go of complicated stories that I have created about pain, lies, bitterness, jealousy, shame - stories that have kept me small. And by letting go of those stories a new story is unfolding and that story is full of possibilities. Now it's time to dream big, stretch the limits of my imagination to see what all is available for me."

Satu, finland


"I was so lost. I had not met myself in ages. Amara called me back towards the light."

vesa, finland


"Amara....a clear embodiment of the Divine Feminine, manifesting as the all-reaching Mother, the humble Goddess of Truth, the beloved sister, a Master of Light, a sincere student...She who has the inner clarity so as to reflect; mirror Truth to those who sit in front of her, whose love and compassion is ever expanding into unconditional service of the ALL...a true inspiration on the path to the Self...Amara treads this Earth with grace, poise, humility, Mastery, sensuality; a rare honesty!!
You are an amazing soul. Thank you. You have changed my understanding of why, and made sense, and brought peace, and empowerment. A gift that can not be repaid."



"After 7 years of working with thousands of incarcerated youth as a Youth Pastor, I burnt out. I hit bottom and needed to reach out myself. I turned to Amara and after 3 months of mentorship my life was literally saved. She was so understanding, not judgment at all, very kind yet strong in her direction and held me to the fire when I wanted to give up. I found a new strength within myself I didn’t even know I had, the strength to surrender more. I am a new man and I’m writing my book and creating new programs. Thank you Amara, you are an angel sent by God."

Daniel l, u.s.